Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NY Times falls victim to Woody Allen Syndrome

The famous NY-centric director has a deep, long-standing dislike of all things California. Apparently and not surprisingly, so do the editors of the NY Times.

Look at today's front page. The three top stories are:
-Reports Assail State Department on Iraq Security
-U.S. Prosecution of Muslim Group Ends in Mistrial
-In Iraq, Conflict Simmers on a 2nd Kurdish Front

The first two are newsworthy items for sure, but not exactly of earth shattering importance. The story about the Kurds -placed in the most prominent position-is not fresh news and sounds more like Sunday paper fodder (although I must admit that the Kurdish guerillaette in the picture is pretty hot).

In the meantime, massive fires burn unabated in Southern California, destroying thousands of homes and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands. Were does the Times inform us of this? As an item at the "INSIDE" box at the bottom.

Unmatchable as an example of obnoxious New York snootiness. Needles to say, all the other national papers do lead with the wildfires story.